Believe it or not, the creation of “The Dough Girl” was  an accident. During November of 2012 our owner, Shatika Goode. was assigned the tasks of  bringing rolls to Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of buying ordinary, store bought rolls she instead decided to create her own homemade rolls. Her family raved about her homemade rolls so much that she decided to put a spin on it the next go round by using the same recipe to create cinnamon buns. By her surprise they were heavenly goodness, and so she decided to craft an icing to pair with them.  With her love for  food and ability to create recipes based on her taste buds alone she created the original custard icing for her soon to be renowned buns along with a brown sugar drizzle she adapted while traveling.

 After sharing with her family and friends her homemade cinnamon buns paired with her homemade icing and drizzle, Shatika was asked to cook 40 cinnamon buns for a friend's event . The guest enjoyed the cinnamon buns so much that they couldn't stop calling requesting for more. Shatika joined hands with close friend Rachelle Winston, and they began selling her cinnamon buns at Rachelle's job to meet the needs of the employees who worked overnight and were always looking for a sweet treat. The response was overwhelming and fueled Shatika and Rashelle to begin selling at other local businesses and events, and as they say, "The rest was history." The "Dough Girl" came into existence and began to grow rapidly as one of the most popular baking business in Richmond, Virginia. Since 2012, Shatika and Rachelle has created even more sweet treats to offer customers and has been asked to cater weddings, birthday parties, and annual event locally and in multiple states on the east coast, including New York, Washington, D.C., and  North Carolina. 


"I just want to say that your cinnamon buns are unreal!! LOVED IT!! Just the icing alone was to die for! You make the best buns ever! don't know how long you've been doing this but keep going!" 

Bradley Hughes 

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